Küd Brewery have been producing beer since 2010, but our history began much before that. As a home brewer, we started producing part of our beer range and kept adding new ones .Now, the dream became a reality , Küd brewery has been producing beers inspired by rock and roll as aways did since the beginning...


The diverse “beer menu “ offered by the Küd Brewery has been inspired by American,Belgian, German and English schools, but all with special brazilian touch.

Get to know our products and taste the best of each one then from the classics to Hard Rock collection



Better than words, in the pics bellow, you can see and feel the brewery´s atmosphere and our daily routine to brew the most rock n' roll beers from Brazil



Located at Jardim Canadá neighbourhood, Küd brewery has open doors for you. Click here for a Virtual tour from the brewery and see where all the magic happens.



Check these videos out, so you can get to know us better...



Küd Brewery:

Sales:         comercial@cervejariakud.com.br

General:   contato@cervejariakud.com.br

Phone:   +55 (31) 3589-6030

                    +55 (31) 99639-0005

Rua Kenton, Nro. 36 - Jardim Canadá

Nova Lima/MG - Brazil - CEP: 34.007-682


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SANTA FÉ CERVEJARIA ARTESANAL LTDA-ME  | CNPJ: 11.998.303/0001-61 | Rua Kenton, nro. 36 - Jardim Canadá - Nova Lima/MG -CEP 34007-682
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